Director: Julia @ Social Club Sweden
Agency: Publicis Zurich


People around the world confuse Sweden and Switzerland. But now in a film on Social Media a group of Swedes are shown telling the Swiss just how different they really are. With their provocative video, a Swiss women’s rights organisation wants to make prostitution in Switzerland the subject of debate. In Sweden, prostitution has been illegal for 20 years. In Switzerland, it remains legal to this day. In the video “A message from Sweden to Switzerland”, a number of Swedes wonder why the two countries are constantly confused with one another, even though they have many differences, especially when it comes to women’s issues. These include the introduction of women’s voting rights, maternity leave, as well the regulation of prostitution. The film was a co-production of the Swedish filmmaker, Julia Lindstrom and the Stockholm production company Social Club, and was conceived by Publicis Zürich.